Monday, September 29th, 2008...6:29 am

Accupuncture – Second Treatment

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So I went into the “doctor” for accupuncture this last Friday. The place had a wonderful energy to it. It just “feelt” good to be there, unlike a traditional doctor’s office. They perforated my body violently with little needles – well I couldn’t even feel them. The doctor checked my blood pressure before and after. It went up. Haha. He then tries to use the manual machine to suggest that the automatic is now lying. My skeptic radar starts to go off. Not good.

I am getting another treatment of accupuncture today for the ol’ bloodpressure.  The guy says he is going to treat some additional meridian points. No noticable effect after this weekend, but I’d like to continue this little experiment.

One of the things  I noticed in this particular chiropractic clinic is that they love to emphasize the word “doctor”. I will go get the “doctor”. The “doctor” will be with you shortly. It is very subtle, and perhaps I am projecting, but I sense the elevation of the word doctor because perhaps someone at this particular organization either has some insecurity about the dimensions of their reproductive organs or …. being called a doctor. I am not sure which.

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