Monday, September 29th, 2008...6:27 am

Accupuncture Blood Pressure

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I have hypertension. Right now I am going through undesired divorce proceedings and I imagine that has something to do with my blood pressure going up.

I went ahead and started doing the Edgar Cayce program for lowering blood pressure. In addition, I started doing the “emotional freedom technique” system of accupressure, used the Sedona method for handling the emotions, etc. This includes the castor oil packs, walking, lemon juice, diet, etc. In addition, I found some herbal supplements – particularly one called Hawthorn.

All of this seems to be working. My blood pressure dropped 15 points over a period of about two weeks. I also do the ol’ daily affirmation / visualization of my blood pressure going down. I have no idea which of these is most responsible, but it seems to be helping.

Everything I have read suggests that there is an underlying emotional issue that still remains untreated and may have something to do with my heart and/or root chakra having blockages.

So, I went ahead and went in for accupuncture as well. This was this last Friday. We shall see what unfolds as I receive additional treatments.

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