Saturday, August 2nd, 2008...1:47 pm

Body Building Maybe

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I have been on a vegetarian diet for well over 3 months now. People now tell me that I have lost a “lot” of weight – though I still weigh the same if not more. I think I weight 220lbs now. My lowest weight was 205lbs during the initial phase of my divorce proceedings.

Anyway, I had purchased a weight bench from my sister in law – perhaps soon to be ex-sister in law, and just happened to have someone living with me whose Dad is a body builder.

Here is the program I am implementing.

Mondays – Bench – 30-40 reps, Wednesday – Leg Weights, Fridays – Bench Again

The secret is supposedly muscle repair – not lifting every day.

1.) Apparently, there is a supplement called Kreatin that allows our bodies to repair from lifting weights quicker.

2.) Don’t take Pill “Kreatin” – use the whey powder – from muscletech – the specific product is called cell tech and the other is nutri-tech. They are to be used in combination. Use no more than a months supply – then stop for two weeks. Don’t cycle the way it is instructed apparently – it is a marketing ploy to get you to buy more.

3.) Rotate the muscles that are being worked to give them time to heal.

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