Monday, October 6th, 2008...7:52 pm

Third Treatment of Accupuncture

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Well, I am  still not sure whether this is due to accupuncture or just synergies of the other things I am doing, but my blood pressure has been dropping like a rock. I have been keeping fairly detailed notes and below is a summary of what was done.
I started the Edgar Cayce diet which consists of largely raw vegetables. I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 months now, but this part was changed by switching to raw vegetables and adjusting to the balancing of Alkalai vs. Acid as suggested by Edgar. By the way, Edgar died at a relatively young age. Sometimes the cobbler’s children have no shoes?

I ate only Spirulina and whey as part of a 4.5 day fast to clear out the intestines. This also had the various enema and colonic cleansing herbs added to the mix.

I kept up my usual pattern of walking about 3 times each week for about 40 minutes with 40lbs of weights strapped to me to generate a sweat.

I had my back and neck adjusted.

Performed accupressure using emotional freedom technique.

Performed visualization exercises in the spirit of the law of atttraction.

I have two or three people praying for my heart.

I have a back massager thingy that I rigged up.

I have taken supplemental herbs particularly something called Hawthorn. There is another story for this I’ll describe later.

I’ve had three accupuncture treatments.  I go in for the 4th this coming Friday.

My “Doctor” advised me that the accupuncture can sometimes act as a catalyst and probably what happend was that it provided the final intertia for massive changes in my blood pressure.

What I can say is that after quitting smoking – my blood pressure actually went up.At the highest it was 180 over 116 or so.

After two weeks of holistic treatment – this morning it was 122 over 80 and is continuuing to trend downward.

This is without heart medication.

I was previously on Topral XL (50 mG) and Diovan (300 mG).  This got it down to 150 over 90. Gee whiz. I gave up on heart meds and tried natural instead. Without heart meds I could literally “feel” my blood pressure in the top of my head and in my heart. I am a young man still. Not good.

Now I can feel it going down – I like this method better.  Your mileage may vary.

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