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Superfoods Rationing

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I have been looking into options for emergency food rationing and what not over the last year or so. Not to freak out or anything, but apparently the US economy may take a hit or two in the coming year. My sources were right on the money with respect to coming changes in the oil price (down) and a big hit to occur in this month. I’m not saying the sky is falling, but that it is good to be prepared. Preparedness reduces worry in my opinion. To do this, I had to develop a strategy.

One of the things that comes to mind, is reducing the necessary caloric intake and allowing the body to operate more efficiently and reducing the storage required for emergency rations. I read one report of a man who could survive on water and 9 grams of pond scum each day. I also found sources for cheese and learned on the history channel that cheese can be stored for long periods of time.

So just in case Kroger’s runs out of milk – I figured it would be good to get some emergency rations. I didn’t want to stock the garage full of powdered milk and pinto beans so I looked for a possible alternative – although I do have gallons upon gallons of beans, rice, flour, and various staples stored up. The alternative is called Spurilina.

Spurilina is some sort of dried algae (pond scum) that is supposed to be very high in protien and nutrients that a lot of us under nutrioned but obese Americans are missing. So, I figured I would test out this susbstance not unlike how I am testing accupuncture. I need a test subject…. any volunteers? Me me me as usual is the only volunteer.

I have already been fasting for two days now for another purpose, but did have a shot of whey powder with water yesterday because I didn’t want to give up my strength increases from weight training. I felt that this was cheating a bit though. It was only an ounce of whey powder, but still. This is for spiritual purposes and I need my stomach empty.

I plan to try this spurilina stuff as a fasting supplement and see what it does to my health. It doesn’t look very filling which should work out okay with my fast. They say it “reverses” cancer. I don’t know about all that, but maybe it will help my hypertension. I also read that when fasting, one should execute a detox otherwise there is no real benefit.

FYI – public service announcement be careful when fasting… when you come off – if you eat a lot of bad stuff (e.g., fried jalopeno sticks and Dr. Pepper) or don’t slowly come back – you can shock your body and the next time you fast it will spend the whole time preparing for the shock instead of purging that cigarette you secretly smoked when you were seven.

Also, don’t avoid water. Drink lots of water. I once did a three day fast with no food or water. Turns out, that was a bad idea to go without water in more literature that I read.

A year ago, if you had told me I would be eating pond scum and water I would have told you are nuts. Times are a changin…. speaking of which, Rosh Hoshana starts tonight.

I really wanted to try out that ol’ Jewish tradition, but since I am fasting… I guess I’ll have to mentally eat an apple in honey. I’ll do that part later, but this coming evening is a time of newness…. the new year for some and hopefully for me.

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